$0.03 CPC Facebook Ad Campaign

Category : Facebook Marketing
Client : Pure Luxury
Completion : February 2017
Role : Social Media Marketing Manager

Goal: To generate brand awareness.

Budget: $710.00

Strategy: Target people most likely to be interested in client’s business using visually stunning ads, copy, and proto-personas.

Target Audience: First Time Tourist Retail, Returning Visitor Tourist Retail, Corporate Travel Manager.

Example of Proto-Persona used:


Demographic Data

Work and Education: Has definitely graduated college and likely has a BA or MA. Likely work in a mind to high income job.

Age: 34-44

Gender: Equal split between male and female, with females being the slight majority.

Social Media: Likely to be somewhat well-versed in most social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. Those under 35 are likely well-versed in Instagram as well.

Location: Likely to be located in major metropolitan areas (New York, LA) as well as in some smaller metro areas (Seattle, Denver, Phoenix). Probably won’t be located in rural areas, as high paying jobs usually aren’t located in these areas. May be native to the California area or neighboring areas if they visit frequently.

Relationship: About a fourth of Napa Valley area tourists are single. The remaining 75% are married with roughly half of them having children.

Spending Habits: Very likely to spend money, as they are on vacation. The average visitor spends about $450/day during their stay.

Entertainment: Entertainment is probably a large aspect of their life. Likely travels often. Other hobbies may include theatre, reading and sports.

Work, Work, Work: Likely works in an executive position. May be a physician, engineer or lawyer. Median income for Napa Valley tourists is $165,000.



Link Clicks: 26.8K

Reach: 295.3K

CPC: $0.03

CVR: 5.58% (Travel & Hospitality Industry Average is 2.82%)