Influencer Collaboration Whiskey and Lace X ABC’s The Bachelorette Women

Category : Influencer Marketing
Client : Pure Luxury
Completion : July 2017
Role : Social Media Marketing Manager

Developed and managed an Influencer marketing campaign for Pure Luxury Transportation with top blogger, Erika Altes from Whiskey and Lace and ABC’s The Bachelorette Women including Lauren Bushnell, Amanda Stanton and Sarah Vendal.

With a total reach of 3 million people on Instagram alone, I secured UGC from all girls on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and a full length blog post with professional photographs of the Pure Luxury Brand on the Whiskey and Lace blog which can be found here.

Collectively this Influencer collaboration resulted in follower growth on all Pure Luxury social channels, and brings in an average of 5 monthly leads per month on the Pure Luxury website.